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Journal for 2-Sep-2003 : March Fly Ck

A very windy morning today. Unlike the glass-top of yesterday the lake was distinctly ruffled as the sun came up this morning.

Some really nice views over riding over the Ord river leaving Kununurra. This would have made a great photo if there were somewhere safe to park the bikes.

With the wind at our backs the riding was reasonably quick for the first 50ks to the cockburn (now that's an injury I don't want to get), reasonable considering how much water we were lugging (22 litres between us). The wind was blowing the dust everywhere as the road changed heading and started south for Perth. Soon after we noticed a mile post bearing the numbers 3120, the distance in Ks to to Perth via the Great Northern Highway (GNH).

Lunch at the Dunham Rv rest area after battling the wind. Lots of flies. Not much shade. Not much fun.

Fantastic scenery once we started climbing the first of the ranges (O'Donnell Range I think). Several times it looked like someone had plonked Ayres Rock in the path of our road. Closer inspection showed these obstacles were bigger than that. We detoured to a designated lookout along a short stretch of old single lane road. The views of the Carr Boyd Range didn't disappoint, but the scenery from the main road was probably just as good all day. The view in every direction at every time today would make a wonderful Kimberly postcard, and we shot off a hole role of (digital) film.

We stopped at the Doon Doon roadhouse 100km . This place was new, clean, sold a good range of things at reasonable prices and the staff were friendly and polite. Clearly these newbies haven't been to roadhouse management school. I just wish we'd realised it was there before we lugged 20ks of water over all those hills!

After yet more climbing we sat exhausted by the side of the road. A mine ute turned around and pulled up next to us, suggesting there was a great water hole "just up 2kms up the road!". With a spring in our pedals we charged off. 15km later we found their lovely water hole. Thanks guys, that tip was *really* appreciated!

We both felt much better after a swim and a wash in the magnificent water hole at March Fly Ck. (Directions: follow GNH for 3120km till you reach Fremantle municipal swimming pool - if you think we're giving out that kind of priceless information willy-nilly, you've got another thing coming!). We felt even better after got our clothes back on just as a tour group arrived!

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