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Journal for 11-Sep-2003 : Broome

We've recovered enough to try and see a few of the sights of Broome today. We rode out to the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) weather station near the airport for a personalised tour of operations. You might think this sounds dull, but we find the weather extremely interesting! Broome has a pretty low average annual rainfall, and most of that falls in the few days a year a cyclone passes close by.

We rode down to the Town Beach, where the swimming is excellent if the tide is high enough. We started walking out to the water's edge, and quickened our pace when we realised the water was receding faster than we were approaching it. About 17km from shore we dived into the 9cm deep (at the crest of the waves) water for a refreshing swim in the Indian Ocean. Our last ocean swim was in the Pacific, and I can't remember where that was. Equally, I can't be bothered reading through my diary to try and work it out either. I guess I'm slipping effortlessly (if that's the right word to describe our method of getting here) into Broome time.

We plan to see the "good light in Broom" tonight at the "staircase to the moon", where the full moon rises over the low tide mud flats creating a stunning visual effect and a great excuse for everyone in Broome to head to the pub (apparently the best vantage point for viewing this natural wonder) on a week night.

A bit later:
You know how the full moon often looks huge on the horizon as it rises? We tonight it didn't. In fact from four deep in the crowd along the Roebuck Bay breakwater it looked pretty tiny, and not even all that bright. That didn't stop thousands of photographers (myself included) attempting to visually document this thrice a month event, with most of the cameras attempting to make the moon just that touch brighter by letting of their flash. Don't get me wrong, it was worth the effort to go an see (as in the effort to hop on the bus to the town beach, not the cycling 7500km), but I guess my expectations were rather astronomical. However the food was excellent and the company even better.

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