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Journal for 23-October-2004 : Adaminaby

I've wanted to do this ride for quite some time, and with such high expectations there is always the potential for disappointment. I was not disappointed! It always helps where the sun is shining and the wind is at your back.

No wind for the first three hours though. Just steep solid climbing. Lots of magnificent eucalyptus forests too. The Australian Bush really has a lot going for it.

Made it to Long Plane by afternoon, and the short section of this road we've ridden before. I recalled this being a flat run to the ghost town of Kiandra. I seem to have forgotten the climb to 1500m over the Great Dividing Range.

Lunch behind a disused house amid the bees and pollen covered flies. At this altitude the wind was cold but the sun had a real bight. Not many trees up here. Just lots of frost planes.

More hills, endless hills actually, after lunch. The hills all had altitudes on them, which looked like car prices: 14950, 13990 etc. Lots of flying downhills. I bettered 60kph about 10 times today, and went within a whisker of beating 70kph.

Got the shock of the trip when what I thought was a chain saw went off in my ear. It was me passing a pond full of frogs.

After crossing the great dividing range (again) we enjoyed a flying last 15ks into Adaminaby amid pastoral country with the assistance of gravity and a magnificent tailwind.

Adaminaby is a rebuilt/relocated town. The old town is beneath Lake Eucumbene. It's not the ugliest town in the world by any means, but they probably shouldn;t have bothered. They certainly shouldn't have bothered erecting “the big trout”, perhaps the ugliest “big thing” Australia has produced – and there are a lot opf contenders for that title!

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