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Journal for 15-October-2004 : Bowral

Nice to start riding again, and a cool change meant it wasn't as stiflingly hot as the previous few days. The weather might have been nice and pleasant, but the cooler temperatures also brought a horrible headwind.

Catherine Hill not as steep as I remembered. We've done this ride a lot of times over the years, but it's usually the first day of a tour and we feel totally wasted by the top of the hill. The back roads into Mittagong bumpier, narrower and busier than I remember. Very very windy and difficult riding.

We shivered rather than sweated at lunch, enjoying (if that's the right word) meat pies for the first time in quite a while.

Rather than the usual highway route, we cycled over Mt Gibraltar to reach Bowral. I now know why (other than lack of fitness) that we usually don't go this way.

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