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Journal for 23-July-2004 : South Porcupine (Timmins)

If you find you don't like a part of Canada, not to worry, you don't need to travel far to find somewhere beautiful. In this case, just 9ks down the road the satellite of Porcupine with it's lovely lake, gushing fountain and dog patrolled beach for us to while away the morning by.

We stopped by the tourist information bureau, and looked at the display of the Timmins version of the game Monopoly. Naturally all the street names are from the town, but instead of railway stations you can purchase the various local timber mills. The car and boot have been replaced by a log truck and a miner's lamp. And if you pick up a chance card you can learn you have sold your original Shania Twain autograph on eBay for $15!

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