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Journal for 24-July-2004 : Matheson

Only a short day (as the crow flies) to Matheson on a moderately busy highway, so we took the opportunity to take the long way via Porqius Junction.

The detour there was rather pleasant, and the 1km on highway 11 made us very glad we didn't chose this route across Northern Ontario.

Road into town as rough as guts, but very quiet. More horses than cars.

We managed several laps of town, then road 5ks back towards Timmins before stopping for the day.

Got to try the local junk food delicacy Poutine, an unhealthy combination of french fries, gravey and cheese. It's nowhere near as bad as it sounds, or looks.

Every so often in Northern Ontario there are overgrown tracks and some rather rickety looking wooden bridges in some seemingly strange places. These don't see much use in summer, as they are the network of recreational snowmobile routes that criss-cross the entire province.

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