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Journal for 25-July-2004 : Duparquet

80ks of cycling on a beautiful smooth and nearly deserted road through endless forest on to the border with Quebec. Even a tailwind to help us along, as if it wasn't enough fun!

First snack break up a gravel track in a billowing strawberry field.

Made it across the most not yet patrolled border into Quebeq, where the road deteriorated noticably. Narrower, rougher, lots of undulations with an equal number of blind spots. Bit after three weeks we were off our rather ratty looking map of Ontario. We also had trouble finding a stop to stop for lunch. I might not have been able to translate the signs protecting every track directly, but I knew they all meant “Keep Out Anglais”.

More nice forest but more frustration at Duparquet. Supposedly there were rooms for hire around but we couldn't find them. We did find the camp ground and, with some difficulty (Parlez vous Anglais? No? Oops) we got a site for the night. Having sent our phrase book ahead to Montreal the best I can manage is to look an equal mixture of perplexed and stupid as people attempt to engage me in a French conversation. Very embarrassing.

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