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Journal for 28-July-2004 : Val-d'Or

It was another beautiful sunny day in northern Canada, great weather for a lazy Day off. Did the washing and shopping for the next leg into “Reserve Fornicate La Verendrye” or something. Some sort of nature reserve.

The rest of the day was spent doing cross words or trying to learn a few phrases of French. The glassy looks I've been giving when people have tried to engage me in a conversation have made me appreciate why the language differences in Canada have caused such emotion on both sides of the linguistic border. I don't really know for sure, but I suspect many Canadians understandably resent the fact that many other Canadians haven't bothered to learn their country's (other) national language.

I am probably completely wrong here (and if you read enough of this log you should know by now that that previous phrase was completely redundant), but I understand Quebec has all but outlawed the use of English in this province. Some other provinces have instituted retaliatory bans on the use of French. In my favorite example, a blind man in New Brunswick was refused admission to a University Course. Not because he could not speak English, but because his French trained guide dog couldn't!

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