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Journal for 4-August-2004 : Lac Cameron

Todays mail collection revealed the news that we're an aunt and uncle again. This time a new nephew born on 3 August, so congratulations Micheal and Micheali!

JF took us cycling
Difficult dirt road, for Linda and I at least.
Rode back up to La Conception then over to the ski resort town of Mont Tremblant.

Mont Tremblant looks like a theme park without ears – bright colours, amusement rides for kids and adults, cafe's and specialty shops, and hundreds of thousands of tourists some of which were pleasantly quiet. Lots of 19th century style buildings, all built in the last 10 years. It was a rather pretty (certainly popular) if overly colourful recreation of a European mountain village.

Rode chairlift to the top and took in the views. Discovered just how many mountains the bike path from Mont Laurier avoided!

Busy traffic on narrow road to St Jovite.

Quaint covered bridge down across ??? river.

Fast riding on a great smooth back to Vendeé, where we did some shopping.

Cycling in the dark back to the cottage, aided by JF's infrared vision. We found it helpful to ride on the dirt roads in the dark, we couldn't see enough to worry about what we were riding over.

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