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Journal for 6-August-2004 : Lac Cameron

Pretty cool today (and yesterday) for that matter, so all we really did was relax and belatedly ride into the village for provisions.

It has taken a week, a rather embarrassing fall, and some walking but I am just coming to terms with handling my bike without panniers. The speed a single pedal stroke can generate it astonishing, at least relative to the speed we could generate before. A nice cruising speed can be reached in a few seconds. With the bikes fully loaded it can take Linda and I several Ks to work up to something that can get us to our destination before dark.

An attempt was made to teach moir French, but non has sunk in yet.

I was warned swimming might be something of a challenge, but the lake water (and remember this is an impressive sized lake, even if you can see the other side) is between 27 and 28C, which is warmer than the ocean ever gets of the South East Australian coast, so I felt warm in the water.

Linda enjoyed feeding the local curious but far from tame Chipmunk (he was raiding the bird feeder anyway). JF observed I have an inordinate number of squirrel photographs in my collection.

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