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Journal for 27-Apr-2004 : Yosemite NP

Absolutely freezing night. Our tent clearly designed for summer use.

We walked up to the magnificent “Mirror Lakes” and took a thousand photographs of the massive granite formations reflected in the crystal clear waters. We photographed everything but the legendary “Half Dome” (1500m sheer cliff) which seemed permanently in shadow.

Later listened to the ranger talk about the local bears. More of a lecture on how to store (or not store) your food. Hanging food in the trees is not good enough any more, as the local bears now send their cubs up the trees to chew through the ropes. I did learn one interesting tid-bit. The local female Black Bears are able to control there fertility by not allowing their fertilised eggs to implanting unless they have found enough food prior to winter hibernation.

Today the camp seems to be crawling with “American Christians” (is there any other kind?). Part of a tour group organised by American Christian Tours.

At the buffet dinner (only game in town really) we tried not to think about how many kids had stuck their fingers in the food before we got our crack at it. The answer was: quite a lot!

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