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Journal for 28-Apr-2004 : Yosemite NP

Walked up to Yosemite Falls (actually two cascading waterfalls) with good intentions of hiking to the base of the upper falls. We wussed out of that one. Both of us feeling very tired and need of a genuine rest day.

We learned that the beautiful mountain meadows that carpet this part of the Yosemite Valley are something of a fake. An area where the long dismantled original village (where the timber harvesters and granite miners lived) was bulldosed and handed back to nature. But not much would grown in the rocky tailings, so the parks people relaid some new topsoil and planted grass species from the meadows that occur naturally another 2000m higher up. Conveniently, these meadows allow uninterrupted views of the major falls in this part of the valley.

I shouldn't be unkind. This really is a natural winder to behold. Not exactly wilderness, but a natural wonder all the same. The grass might be fake but the granite cliffs and waterfalls are the real deal. To make an antipodean comparison: it's like Milford Sound without the dolphins. In fact it's better: it's like Milford Sound without all the rain!

Undercooked Pizza for dinner, but no finger prints.

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