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Journal for 14-Apr-2004 : Los Angeles

What makes cycling through the world's greatest car dominated supercity seem easy? Riding in New Zealand. I should be careful here because New Zealand traffic gave me a very good first impression too, falsely as it turned out.

Cycled out to the AAA (Automobile Association of America) to collect some maps and accommodation guides. Found a bike shop near by where the good people of “City of Bicycles” fixed the tension in my front cones (of my bike, not post operative dental care) and buy some chain lube and an extra bike computer to operate in ye-olde-worlde Miles (thar be seven furlongs and thirteen fathoms per mile me lad) so we can navigate. I make it a policy not to give plugs to bike shops (unless they are prepared to sponsor us :-)), but these guys fixed my wheel for free and when they heard what we were doing gave us a bunch of free snacks to take with us.

Instead of attending to our banking needs we cycled over to Venice Beach and Santa Monica to take an obligatory photo of the Pacific Ocean. Unlike my sister's description of the place, not a boob job to be seen anywhere. Just sun, sand, surf (pretty flat) and beach side condos as far as they eye could see. This is not actually all that far, as some sort of white, grey browny mist seems to be permanently engulfing the City of Angels.

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