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Journal for 2-May-2004 : Jackson

Quite a hot day today again. Flat to rolling undulating riding around Woodward lake, with a surprise detour thanks to a surprise dirt road. Headwinds and heat but not much traffic, or scenery either.

American roads seem to be made to a really high standard, with a fine smooth surface and solid base. Then they are effectively abandoned, even after vehicle weight allowances are increased (assuming there ever were limits). So after a while, either the base collapses and the road is dotted with near invisible deep pot holes along the outside wheel rut, or the surface cracks up. When the surface cracks up, it's like riding over a jig saw puzzle. All the pieces sort of stay in the right spot, but we can feel them moving.

Lots of short nasty hills to and after Burson (where I crashed out on the porch of the local mini-mart) and Camanche Lake. Stony Creek Road was 20 miles of savage little climbs, followed by a ridiculous descent into Jackson.

Jackson bills itself as a quaint historical town. It does this because it has a main street with businesses on it. It also seems to be a place where bikers on Harleys and people driving show-off sports cars congregate to see who can make the most noise on a Sunday afternoon.

Sat in Denny's Diner calculating in metric how insanely high we need to climb tomorrow and the day after to get up to Lake Tahoe.

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