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Journal for 6-May-2004 : Truckee

Got to eat a big stack (OK, only three, and I was still hungry afterwards) of pancakes for breakfast at a diner, fulfilling one of my American fantasies.

Cycled first bit out of St Lake Tahoe on a surprisingly good bike path. Quite cool this morning, with high clound keeping the sun at bay and a brisk breeze bringing cold air down from the surrounding snow capped peaks.

Tough climbing on a spectacular winding precipitous road around Emerald lake.

Inspiration Point Vista, the opportunity to view the lake without being run over, was under radical repair. Toilets also closed. The next lookout over Eagle Falls was consumed by a film crew filming rather unfortunate stunt men
who were required to jet ski on the frigid lake.

Great fun cycling (once the climbs were conquered) on the 89. The 89 got narrower as we headed into the endless housing developments near Tahoe City, but as bad as the road was, there was a reasonable bike path beside it, which took us most of the way to Truckee.

Truckee river more of a trickle, especially given it's the natural exit from the huge lake Tahoe. I guess that water gets pumped somewhere else.

On the bike track we were nearly crashed into by someone trying to pass us on the left. He quickly realised his mistake, and in a familiar accent said “sorry about thairt”. “No worries”, even if he was a Kiwi.

Tried to fix a puncture, without much success. Fortunately it wasn't on one of our bikes, but a local from Truckee who'd own puncture kit had a glue tube full of solid rubber.

Easy riding into Truckee. Huge meal at a Mexican resteraunt satisfied my curiosity as to what Mexican food might taste like in California. The answer is: Big!

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