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Journal for 7-May-2004 : East Quincy

Linda decleared today “a complete nightmare” after five minutes dealing with the traffic just outside Truckee. In fact the traffic dies off pretty quickly, certainly faster than we climbed the multiple hills culminating in Little Truckee Summit.

The downhill into Sierraville was amazing, boosted by a gale force tailwind. In fact it was hard to stop for a snack at Sierraville. More wonderful riding to Graeagle (but another 200m+ climb) where we had lunch under some pine trees.

About twenty other cyclists in a group (touring with a support vehicle – the slackers) rode through town.

Cycling the sh70 not quite so pleasant. The road had modest dirty and sandy paved shoulders, but quite a bit of traffic. Lots of down hill, but another lengthy climb.

Break at an official rest area (stays longer than 8 hours strictly prohibited) where we saw a snake trying to avoid us.

We were slogging into a ridiculous headwind and decided to call it a day at East Quincy.

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