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Journal for 23-May-2004 : Kelso

Nice misty rain falling as we got under way.

We cycled along Marine Dr, which runs along the top of the levy next to the Columbia Rd. This gave us great views of the ballooning suburbs of house boats poking into the river. Some of these houses are really huge, and most have a curious feature for a house boat: a garage door (facing the water of course). We can't have our boat getting wet now can we.

Scary ride over the I5 bikepath (narrow pedestrian footway) that seemed barely attached to old iron girder road bridge.

Wild goose chase looking for the tourist info came up with nothing but another penetrating puncture (my rear tyre again). That's 3 in 4 days. Or 3 in 6 months, depending on how we look at it.

Found our way to the I5 and quickly learned why it is not something anyone recommends. Not (always) dangerous, but very, very loud!

Short trip to the rest area. This is a terrific facility, and would be even without the free coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits.

More awfully unpleasant riding over the tyre debris in the I5 shoulder. Happy to find a map and an alternate route at Kalama.

Linda impressed by the American consumer culture, as she removed her plastic disposable cup from it's plastic wrapper in the motel room at Kelso.

Greeted at the diner with a “smoking or non-smoking”. Didn't seem to be much difference unfortunately. Welcome to Washington.

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