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Journal for 24-May-2004 : Centralia

Motel 6 is cheap because it skips a few things in the room, like a clock. As a result we left a bit later than usual. Still not exactly hot, but a nice sunny day none the less.

We found an quieter access road parallel to the I5, in two dimensions if not three. Some serious undulations were our payment for not being deafened by the American super highway traffic.

After some rather pleasant cycling through regrowth forest we stopped at the truck stop next to exit 57. We sat eating pastries and drinking jumbo size soda watching the trucks come and go by the hundred.

Cycled through Toledo, where I ducked into the market for a few things for lunch. “We get quite a few cyclists through here” I was informed. Not that surprising, considering we are now riding the route up the west coast recommended by Lonely Planet.

Lunch in the delightful Lewis and Clarke Park with a free range chook and chicks roaming around (not too impressed with us though).

Pretty uninspiring riding through Chehalis, a town with lots of traffic (hardly unqiue in America) that seemed to go on for ages.

Had American diner pasta for dinner, after failing to summon the necessary will power to order another hamburger. Linda asked me to remind her not to do that again.

It's hard to conceive that we have traveled all that far in America. The USA is such a homogeneous place, it's next to impossible to tell where you are without the aid of a sign. The food, the rooms, the signs, the roads are all so formularised there is so little to distinguish one region from another. It could also be we haven't gone all that far yet :-).

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