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Journal for 26-May-2004 : Bremerton

Lots of rain today. Seattle is renowned for it. Makes it a great climate for ... writing bad software and designing big aircraft.

Took a long time to get going. I took my old front wheel down to the post office (by taxi, rather than walking two hours each way in the rain) and sent it home. Have you ever tried to ride a bike carrying a spare bike wheel? If you want to make sure you health insurance is paid up first.

Once out of the seemingly endless Shelton we were cycling in the rain through semi-serious farms and forests.

Made it of Belfair and did some shopping and ate lunch. Followed the Lonely Planet route to Bremerton. This was quite nice until we reached the freeway approaches. This lead us past the Bremerton Naval shipyards, where no less than three aircraft carriers and a host of other vessels sat awaiting a fresh coat of paint. I'd love to have taken a photo, but to so so is akin to booking a one way ticket to Gismo as an illegal combatant. Plus it was raining.

With a great deal of difficulty, and cycling over a lot of hills to find the centre of town (nowhere near anything, much less the centre) and the tourist info. This is another nightmare city approach where we need a map of the city to find the tourist info, where the maps of the city are freely available. Once there we waited for the rain to stop for more than hour. It didn't, so we cycled off into the maze with only a rough idea which way we were heading.

A local commuter cyclist came across us, and lead us back onto the main roads, over the interchanges, up onto the footpath and to our lodgings.

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