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Journal for 25-May-2004 : Shelton

Watched “Beautiful Mind” on TV last night, and then I slept in, dreaming that half the experiences we've had on the trip so far weren't real, just the product of the brain of a deformed genius. Like I said, I was dreaming.

Back roads to for a while, then the busy us12 to Oakville. Towns with the “Oak” in the name are almost as ubiquitous as “Stony Creek” in Australia.

More back roads to Elma for lunch, with only the occasional dog attack. Lovely green valley with lots of small farm holdings and dilapidated barns.

The road over to Shelton really nice. Smooth, hardly any traffic and lush regrowth forest and best of all: a slight tailwind! (We haven't had one of those for a while).

Shelton seemed a nice little town, with a whole log train along the appropriately named Railroad Avenue. It is stuffed and mounted, and now serving as the visitor information office. It *seemed* a nice little town, until we tried to locate the UPS shop where my replacement wheel was waiting. This was five miles away was up a long steep hill, across eighty five lanes of traffic and nestled in the opposite corner of the massive car park at Wal-Mart.

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