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Journal for 31-May-2004 : Victoria, Canada

Are you sick of reading about Canadian tech support and want to hear more about beautiful Victoria? So am I. You might want to skip to the next page.

Onto our 3rd computer shop, this time to get the data restored. I had to sign a waver that they weren't responsible if they lost data. I also had to purchase some of the hardware for yet another shop to get this work initiated, but the techi seemed competent enough.

Left the unit with the techi (we should know better that this by now) and replaced my new pants with something that almost fits. Also managed a tour of the downtown shopping malls and outdoor stores.

Came back, and the techi was having troubles. All he had to do was copy some files, but that was too hard. The copies hadn't all worked. But worse than that, for reasons that can only be explained by the fact he was a complete bonehead he decided it would be OK once he'd restored the data to wipe out our backup, even though the restore hadn't worked properly.

Further, we discovered he had managed to return the cover of our unit in such a way that opening the screen could break it. For the next two hour we sat both terrified and appalled as our system had steadily more and more pieces removed and put back not quite where they should be. I kept wanting to wrench the thing away from him but Linda wisely stopped me. The manager of the shop asked if our unit was insured, and suggested semi-jokingly that we might want to commit insurance fraud as a faster way of getting our system up and running. He stopped smiling when I inquired about *his* level of insurance.

Got back to the room and the first extra thing I tried to re-install (nothing important, just virus protection) crashed everything and Windows would no longer boot. Back at square one, minus Linda's hair brush which had the misfortune to be near enough for me to pick up and hurl into the floor after I made this wonderful discovery.

If there was any consolation, I did manage to fix one thing today. Using trusty super glue I successfully reattached the handle of Linda's hair brush.

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