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Journal for 1-June-2004 : Victoria, Canada

As you may have surmised by the fact this entry is readable, I got our system in a state sufficient to update this web site. Yay!!

We walked down to the local mall today. After six months (did I say months?, I meant weeks) in the USA it's hard to describe how much of a delightful novelty being able to do this is. We crossed the road at the traffic lights (as we would in the USA) and walked along the path from the lights to the mall. In the USA we'd be trampling through the decorative gardens protecting the mall's parking lot from the riffraff outside. Actually we wouldn't have been there in the first place, because in the USA the mall would have been 17 miles out of town.

I must say a few nice words about Victoria. Apart from it's intrinsic beauty brought about the presence of trees, grass and gardens it has a number of other very pleasant qualities. Almost all the major roads have bike lanes. A lot of these roads are attractive boulevards too, decorated with trees rather than cement blocks. And I must say that even though it has threatened most of the time we've been here, it's hardly rained at all. Did I mention there is a beautiful harbour?

There are frequent public buses, and all of them (I repeat, *all * of them) have bike racks on the front. And there are cyclists and bikes everywhere! Having said that almost every bike has a mud guard and every cyclists wears a raincoat preemptively, but there are bikes everywhere none the less. Bikes are clearly treated as a serious transport option in this town. As they should be.

Even though we've been here a week, we haven't seen that much other than the roads into the centre of town. I feel a bit guilty not spending more time looking around, but it's time we got moving again.

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