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Journal for 9-June-2004 : Salmon Arm

Long session of riding along the Trans Canada highway up the picturesque valley leading to Shuswap Lake starting at Chase. Brisk headwind didn't seem to slow us down much, but after a few hours of it without a break we started to feel like we needed another day off back at Kamloops. Quite nice weather today again. Sunny, high 20s.

Stopped at the bus shelter next to the closed tourist info centre at Chase.
Highway very busy. Very scenic, but very busy. Most of the time it had wide shoulder, so it was just a question of keeping our heads down and riding. Other times it as a touch narrow a just a bit scary. Still quite scenic, but not real pleasant.

Detoured by Blind Bay, a really nice stretch of old highway past hundreds of lakeside shacks, houses, marinas and mansions blending seamlessly into the forest.

Ate lunch by the bay at the beach, watching the local kids floating the picnic tables off into the lake while playing fetch with a dog that was extremely keen though not entirely conversant with all the rules.

Annoying little climb back to the highway, which wasn't too bad, except for the roadworks. A lengthy uphill section where the shoulder had been excavated 3m deep, and barriers placed by the road workers making it impossible for anything to pass us safely, if at all. That didn't stop people trying though. For us it was a series of sprints from one point we could get off the road to another.

Fast riding into Salmon Arm. Headwind gone at last. Still lots of traffic.

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