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Journal for 10-June-2004 : Revelstoke

Overnight rain. Left amid misty drizzle. Intended riding around Lakeshore drive, but got detoured onto a bike route. By the time we found a way off it, we'd already climbed the hill we hoped to avoid.

Fast riding once over the hill to Canoe, then some good and some awful riding on the 1 by the upper reaches Shuswap Lake.

Stopped at Sicamous and took a break under the bridge. Someone looking fairly lost asked “excuse me, are you from Sicamous?”
“No, I'm from Australia”.
“So your upside down as well as lost eh?”

Drizzle got heavier as we left Sicamous. For some reason I can't possibly imagine the road turned from a 2 laner into a full on dual carriage way freeway, with an excellent wide access road down either side. For 5ks there were 4 excellent parallel roads, where for most of the route today there was only one average one.

Stopped at “The Last Spike”, a rest area next to the location where the eastern and western bits of the Canadian Pacific Railroad connected to make Canada's first trans continental railroad in 1886. Not much of attraction, but there was a loo and an old station building that sold knick knacks and had a verandah for us to eat lunch on out of the drizzle.

We stayed at “The Last Spike” for two hours, waiting for the rain to ease off. It just got steadily heavier, so we cycled off into the rain regardless.

Mostly gradual climbing today. No really big ups or downs, just relatively gentle ones. The road paralleled a series of lakes and connecting fast flowing streams. Lots of forests too. The road also paralleled the Canadian Pacific railroad, where the trains traverse Canada almost as quickly as we do. The trains seem to spend an inordinate amount of time completely stopped.

It was bucketing down by the time we reached Three Valley Gap, and we pulled into the cafeteria that is part of a massive resort complex. Hot chocolate and soup greedily consumed.

Back into the rain for the final up and over. Nothing much of a climb really, and an equally gentle but long descent. Mercifully the rain eased off a touch on the way down.

Used old highway into Revelstoke. Had to use pedestrian access at the old single lane bridge over the Columbia River thanks to it's slippery metal deck. The Columbia River here still gouges out a massive canyon. However the walls are a lot closer together, the water fast flowing and crystal clear, and the river shallow enough to see the rocky bottom. And the tops of the canyon are dusted with snow!

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