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Journal for 20-June-2004 : Medicine Hat

Dark skies and puddles on the ground indicated the front predicted to pass over at lunch time had already crossed. Weather is a big issue on the prairies. It's about the only thing that changes out here. I don't think we saw a single tree today, just grass.

First couple of hours to Brookes rather harder than I hoped. NNE cross wind most of the way. Coffee and cake at the only town of the day enjoyed greatly, even if I coughed, sneezed and sniffled my way through them.

Fast riding after that. Tailwind really kicked in and we were flying. Planned on a lunch stop at the rest area, but it was too windy and exposed.

Saw lots of prairie dogs again today, and a few hawks that seem to like feeding on them.

Got to Medicine Hat pretty early, about 4:30. Spent time finding and using supermarket, then el-cheapo motel, but not the institution named “El-Bonco”. For some reason all the motels (other than the one's we consider staying at – where doors are a luxury) here seem to be competing with each other by who has the biggest indoor waterslide.

I've slagged off Canada's roads and drivers a bit in this journal. I should make it clear that even though we've taken the busiest route, the road has been excellent, and so has the driving. We've even been getting waves and toots of appreciation, which encourages us no end.

Just seen on the “weather channel” that Lillooet, the freezing cold old gold town in the Coastal Mountains is on alert for fire evacuation after a spell of hot (>30+, so they aren't kidding) weather!

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