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Journal for 21-June-2004 : Gull Lake

Dream like riding leaving Medicine Hat. Once we cleared a few early climbs and roadworks we has the wind at our back and a wide smooth road across the prairies reaching out forever for us to cycle across. Great fun.

Walsh Visitor Information on the eastern edge of Alberta had lots of really good information about what we'd already seen, but nothing on what was ahead.

Tough little, actually not that little session with lots of rolling hills and a fierce northerly cross wind welcoming us to a new province for us: Saskatchewan.

Ice Creams at the Saskatchewan Visitor's Centre at Maple Creek (Canadians have fabulous names) delicious. Maple Walnut a real hit.

Wind blowing up a storm. We delayed our start as long as we could, and as it happened we delayed it enough for the wind to swing around to the west, and right up our tail pipes again.

Fast riding through to Piapot, population 82 with a general store “1 mile off the highway”, according to a very old faded sign.

The day getting a bit much by Tompkins, but revived by more ice cream. The wind seemed to be easing off a touch, but on days like this the bike seems to just float over the road and kilometres just melt away. We still have to spend the time in the saddle, so it's not exactly easy, just quite a bit easier than usual.

It was generally fine and sunny today, and reasonably warm too. Leg warmers only required, arm warmers only worn to stop being bitten by mosquitoes.

Wind Farms could be seen churning on the ridges in the distance as we gently descended to Gull Lake.

Really heavy rain showers visible across the prairies for yonks. Managed to miss them all until we arrived in town. A few anxious moments waiting for our hamburgers as the sky darkened faster than the patty meat, but all's well that ends well.

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