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Journal for 25-June-2004 : Weyburn

Northly/Easterly Cross Wind/Headwind for pretty much all of today. Very few easy Ks. Morning session to Stroughton took us over three hours, without anywhere much to stop. Very flat, very exposed roads, with wheat fields stretching to the horizon in every direction.

Awful truck stop burger for lunch.

Back on the road and the prairie showers we'd been dodging all day caught up with us.

We passed through quite a few little “towns” along the road today, a lot of them little more than their sign. I can't remember any of their names, except the one called “Forget”.

Break at the very friendly Kisby. Only a few dozen houses, but quite a few people driving around (they *all*) waves at us, and two stopped to offer directions, even though there was nothing in town to direct us to. Break cut short by approaching rain shower.

Very tired at Carlyle, thanks to solidifying headwind and very rough road surface. There was a curious sign approaching town: “Welcome to the Moose Mountains”. Mountains? There were some very low hills to the north, but even in Australia they would never be considered mountains. If that's them, it's really making a mountain out of a moose hill.

Curious treatment at the cafe we ate dinner in. We were asked to move to the smoking section so as not to dirty the non-smoking section.

Scary head/crosswind leaving Moose Jaw. Happy to be heading a touch south on he 39, off the 1. Road mostly pretty good. Scenery very flat. This ocean of grass is getting calmer.

Strange looking sink holes/ponds by the road. They are about the size of an Olympic swimming pool and usually lined with trees. Not quite sure if they are natural or man made, or why they might exist. The ducks like them though.

Attacked by a wading bird at one point, obviously protecting it's nest.

Flat fast riding to Rouleau, where a lolly pop man was guarding the main street. As we approached I heard his radio sqwark “touring bike on the set”. They waved us through, then resumed shooting their movie.

Lots more flat riding. The biggest thing we needed to concentrate on is finding the least bumpy way across the numerous ice cracks.

We approached the town of Yellow Head Yellow Fever Yellow Water Yellow Grass. Stopped by a disused service station building, which turned out to be 50m short of the grassy town picnic area. Of course we discovered this *after* spending half an hour resting in the road dust while swatting mosquitoes.

Made it to Weyburn in pretty good time. Lots of people and the local fire engine congregating around an innocuous part of the local creek. They were having a tug-of-war tournament where the losers get pulled into the water.

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