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Journal for 27-June-2004 : Souris

Late start after sleeping in. Fortunately the wind was at our backs again this morning. When we can better yesterday's maximum on the first ten minutes things are looking up.

In a large paddock by the road we saw some rather woolly looking cows grazing. A second glance revealed these were North American Bison or Buffalo. As summer winds up these behemoths are loosing their heavy coats

Made it to the nice looking tourist info centre at Redvers where we enjoyed Saskatoon pies, which contain blueberries, and a few other fruits which our host was unable to identify to us. A bit of an accent problem.

On the crest of a hill (OK, slight rise) ahead I spotted a coyote scurry across the road into the wheat by the side of the road. It seemed to completely disappear, it's location only identifiable by it's periscoping tail leaving a trail in the grass.

Great tailwind to cross the boarder into Manitoba. Stopped for lunch at Reston. We missed the tourist info and picnic area by virtue of it being 100m further down the road than the ice cream stand.

There are starting to be lots of groves of scrub and trees. Even evidence of land clearing. We must be getting to the edge of the sea of grass.

Final rest of the day at Deleau sports ground. Nice grassyspot under pine trees, but lots of mosquitoes and other bugs.

More fast riding to Souris. No shoulder on the road here, just piles of loose gravel. No dramas though, as no-one has tried to squeeze through New Zealand style. However, once clown gave us a real spray “git off thu rode yu gud dairm eejot” from the back seat of an SUV.

The town of Souris isn't that much either. Nice pedestrian swing bridge, but not a lot else. Lots of kids wandering around town making a lot of noise at midnight.

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