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Journal for 4-July-2004 : Fort Frances

Independence Day in the USA, though we'll be leaving before the fireworks. Still get to watch Will Smith save the world (he does this every year on the 4th of July) on cable TV.

Lots of wind and drizzle as we rode out of Warroad through farms and light forests. Longish first session to Baudette thanks to (another) miscalculation of miles to Ks. Break in the park by the US entrance station, where a long queue of Canadians waited patiently to get formally into the USA. For some reason the park was closed for the 4th of July.

Back in Canada and the roads seemed deserted. Lots of “Private Property, Keep Out signs around here for some reason.

Ate lunch on the grass behind a closed cafe at Statton. With our bikes parked out of view of the road, we drew the attention of the local law enforcement officials.

More long straight riding to Emo. Motel way too expensive, so we pushed on to Fort Frances. Traffic not quite so kind to us today. Nothing really bad, just people were no longer prepared to slow down for us.

Fort Frances' CBD pretty lifeless late on a Sunday afternoon. Having said that, the town looks to have been well and truly Wal Marted, with the CBD having the life sucked out of them. Could also be that this is a border town, and since 9-11 the border is quite a bit more substantial than an ink line on the map.

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