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Journal for 10-July-2004 : Thunder Bay

Two days off in Thunder Bay, and unlikely place for a rest. Unfortunately Thunder isn't the nicest town in the world, or Canada for that matter, or Ontario for that matter. It is by far the nicest town we've been to on Lake Superior.

Walked along the busy ice cracked old highway past the not so thriving businesses into the CBD to do some shopping, find the CAA for some maps and guides, and a secondhand bookshop. Returned via the supermarket. That was so much walking we needed another day off.

So on our second day off we walked into town (to do the laundry this time) and to the foreshore park, which was very nice, but accessible only by paying (quite a bit – or at least a bit more than I was prepared to part with for something not edible) to enter the blues music festival in full swing.

At the tourist info we met Chris and Cloe, who are Canadians also cycling across Canada. I felt like I'd lived here all my life, as we were able to pass on useful directions to the various places of interest in town, like the second hand book shop, the CAA and finally the supermarket.

We purchased some genuine “grown in Canada” Royal Gala Apples, each of which had a sticker signifying they were from Canada's newest province: New Zealand.

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