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Journal for 8-July-2004 : Thunder Bay

After a couple of long but extremely enjoyable days riding in the wilderness we are back on the Trans Canada highway again this morning. Not that much traffic, as the nearest town west is two hours driving and one hour time zone change away. Just as well as these Ontario roads are deliberately narrow in all but some strategic places, so it was a morning of dodging the trucks and staying very attentive to what's ahead and and what's coming up behind. A sunny morning today though which always helps.

Stopped at Kakabeka falls for a snack, for a look, for a few photos, for a rest and then for lunch.

Nice riding for along the back roads to Thunder Bay, except for the last 20ks as the narrow quiet smooth back road became not so smooth, not so quiet, and definitely not any wider. This is the only access road to the burgeoning rural sub-developments and the closer we got to town the more SUVs, trailers with gardening equipment and dump trucks scampering to and from the new housing hiding in the bushes.

Hardly any look at Lake Superior as we bumped our way over the ice cracked roads of Thunder Bay. Made our way to the motel district on the old highway east, which is almost as cheap as it looks. This part of the highway has been bypassed, twice, and a has a reasonably good view of the lake, obstructed only by the rail yards and docks.

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