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Journal for 21-Apr-2004 : Porterville

Rest day at Motel 6. Something of a mistake. America is such a car dominated society. There is no such thing as walking into the centre of town. The centre is spread out of a 20km square area. There is no such thing as a street frontage business. There is a huge street sign, but the entrances face inwards to the car park. Naturally to get from one shop to another you drive.
So our usual rest day activity is to walk into town, have a poke around looking in the shops and what not, then sit in the park for an hour to two. All we did today was watch the American version of CNN, with is remarkably (though I guess not unexpectedly) different from that shown in the rest of the world.

Watching American TV is a bit like reading all your SPAM. Occasionally you get to see something you wanted/expected, but the rest of the time people are imploring you to purchase various pharmaceutical products which may or may produce “natural male enhancement”.

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