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Journal for 1-September-2004 : Charolles

Cool night. *Everything* got soaked with condesnation. We layed all our camping gear out to dry and walked into to the Patissery for another delicious breakfast. Everything was still wet when we got back. We didn't get on the road till about 11am, which is becoming our custom in France. But it was a beautiful warm late summers day. The kind of warm, I dare say almost hot, weather we haven't experienced since California. I guess we are just about in the south of France.

Lots of early hills on the quiet D roads. Very pretty though.

Lunch in the town square at Cressy s Somme, then another lunch at Grury. Baguettes and Camembert again. France can be so tedious!

Really nice riding to La Chapelle au Mans.

The lady at the municipal camground in Charolles very unimpressed with us. I attempted to ask for a camp site in French. I sort of got it right, but the vowel pronunciation left a lot to be desired, especially by the camp ground Nazi I was dealing with. She knew full well what we were asking for, but wouldn't let us have it till we asked for it with the correct pronunciation. I might not know much French, but I know enough to understand what she said to another camper after leaving us: “stupid tourists who can't speak French”.

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