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Journal for 31-August-2004 : St Honore Les Bains

A very foggy then sunny but cool morning. Arm and leg warmers required.

Met a nice lady at the Bureau de Tourist who we managed some sort of Francophone conversation with. Got some useful information about the local velo-routes.

We cycled over hills past multiple castles on the back roads to Vaux, where we had a snack by the reservoir for the Nivernais Canal. Back at the canal our route took us on the “Chemin de Haulage”, marked as real (albeit narrow) roads on our maps, there were in fact paved tracks once used by horses to pull barges along the canals.

At one point the canal passes over a bridge over a stream, then into a system of locks. This is all recreational use only now, but there are quite a few modern and not so modern boats plying these ancient waters, very slowly. We watched a cabin cruiser negotiate one lock, and it took them nearly 30 minutes.

Fantastic village bakery (they all are) at Chatillon en Bazais.

Finally left the canal and rode some more hills and back roads to a delightful camp ground. All the while being buzzed by the Mirage fighter jets of the French Air Force, no doubt practicing for the forthcoming US invasion.

Toilets at this camp ground a bit like selecting a mobile phone plan. You have to guess how much paper you might need before committing. The paper is on the outside of the stalls.

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