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Journal for 18-September-2004 : Serrieres de Briord

Cool but mostly sunny morning leaving Chambery, but as we approached the lake a think as soup fog enveloped us. At Lac du Bourget the fog was about 20 metres overhead.

The climb up the Col du Chat was very very pleasant. We cycled up through the clouds, then could see over the top of them, like were on top of the world. Lots of traffic on this road, almost all cyclists. Even those not on bikes were shouting encouragement: “more courage!!” Not that any was needed, even though this was up it was beautiful and very very enjoyable.

Once down the other side we did a short stretch on a major road through the spectacular 'Gorges de la Balme', where the road is literally hugged by cliffs spearing up both sides, the through a few short tunnels to boot.

Fantastic cycling along the Rhone, with cliffs one side and aqua water the other. If not that, then through open corn fields or strands of forest on a smooth, fast road basking in the autumn sun. Did I make that sound good? Well it was better than that!

We did seem to cycle on for quite a while, as – almost unbelievable in France – we had trouble finding a boulengourie (bakery) that was
a) open
b) had bread.

Camped by the Rhone to the sounds of jetskis, ducks quacking and shotgun fire. It's duck season.

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