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Journal for 19-September-2004 : Montreval-en-Bresse

More really really nice cycling today, even if it threatened to drizzle on us a bit and there was a stiffish headwind at times. We completed the last bit of backtracking we hope to do.

For some reason we were seeing cats everywhere today. In fields, on roofs, by fences. Some keen to get away from us, others keener on protecting their kills.

Lots of cycling through green fields over hills, pastures, forests on mostly narrow quiet lanes. If there is a disadvantage to this type of riding, is it we feel it's a bit aimless. Like the trip no longer has a soul. We have plenty of time to make it back to Paris for our flight, and nothing in particular to see or avoid. Still, the cycling has been fantastic!

Camped between the hedges by a lake in a nearly deserted campground capable of hosting over two thousand campers at the height of the season.

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