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Journal for 30-August-2004 : Clamecy

Well, we just might be starting to get the hang of touring Europe. Lots of nice cycling along the Yonne River and canal into a stiff headwind. Mostly very pleasant, but I'm still constantly frustrated by the endless stopping, map checking, tiny little villages that require skillful negotiation and necessary camera stops. Less than 70ks, less than 4 hours of riding, but it seemed to take us all day.

On the other hand, I'm starting to appreciate the beauty of the country side and quaintness of the village architecture. I still haven't quite worked out why people consider old and rustic romantic, but hopefully that will come with time too.

We stopped to take a lot of photos today. Of the Canal, which must have made a massive productivity improvement in the transport industry in the 18th century. A team of horses could haul in a barge a hundred times what they could on a land based wagon. Another favourite was the Chatel Censoir. Linda seems very taken with seeing castles on every hill, even though it hasn't quite happened yet.

Sections of today's road were really quite beautiful. Trees lining the way past the aged chateaus and even the odd bare faced stone cliff. Fences made with stone posts and hundred year old stone retaining walls decorated with ivy protected us from the hay fields and sunflower paddocks balers as we belted along. Was it really as nice as I've made it sound?

By the way, Clamecy is the sister city of a town in Quebec, but bthe charming name of “Grand Piles”.

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