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Journal for 6-06-2007 : Petershagen

Woke up way too early again.

Had to wait to get my key deposit back.

Really enjoyable mornings cycling along the Wesser, except when I swallowed/breathed an insect. Coughed and spluttered and got on all 4s to try and throw up in a park in front of a flash hotel.

For most of the day I had the choice of bike path or road, and either side of the river, each with it's pros & cons. I kept making the wrong decision. The bike path tended to be flatter, but longer and a bit slower. The road was too easy to get lost on!

Found the headwind in the second session tough going. Revived by lunch at Bodenwerder supermarket. I generally buy a French style baguette, or a German Berliner (long and fat :-)) loaf of bread, some German or French cheese (the French cheese is even cheaper in Germany, and almost as widely available as in France), some Gurkin (German for *fresh* telegraph cucumber), some German ham (primary ingredient: "swine flesh") and make a huge sandwich. I chop it in half, then eat one half while packing the other half in my food pannier to be eaten an hour or two later.

Did a nice (forest) but suspiciously long climb out of Bodenwerder, and yes, I'd climbed 200m unnecessarily, and in the wrong direction.

Got second wind after lunch. Headwind eased off. 28deg c. Lovely sunny day. fantastic!

Did an overland short cut to Petershagen.

Fantastic camp site by the river and canals. Tent right beside the fish literally jumping out of the water to look at me. Played with the neighbor's (Mike) kids and learned some more German.

Stupid mail client failed.

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