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Journal for 11-06-2007 : Ångelholm, Sweden

Woke with my right knee in a bit of pain, and it took me quite a few ks of slow riding to get it warmed up.

Barely a wrong turn all day. I just found route 101, and followed it all the way to Copenhagen.

Road very straight, and exposed a bit to the
headwind. But great fast roads that are (after Germany) are very straight and very direct.

Changed some money at a bank in Kobe, and got slugged AUD7 for the privalige (I should have just used the ATM & paid the Aussie fee). Spent it immediately on a spare spare tyre. My front one has a massive slit in it.

Called home. Danish pay phones pretty expensive for international calling too.

Zipped along the bike lanes of the 101 to have lunch just south of Copenhagen. The southern coastal approaches a bit industrial and mud flatty. Not what I expected.

I don't think I've ever seen a petrol station in France, saw very few in Germany, but in Denmark it seems every second business is a petrol station. They are everywhere!

Navigated across Copenhagen by following a bus route (the bush shelters all had route maps and "you are here:" signs.

Copenhagen an amazing bike city. Easily more bikes than cars. Every road has bike lanes down both sides. Cyclists not turning have right if way of drivers who do.

All the women look incredibly beautiful. No sure why, some theories:
- I've been away from home too long
- Scandinavian features
- Tight fitting pants seem to be the fashion.
- It's the result of all the cycling
- It's a result of me being in Germany for 2 weeks.

Found route 102 to the north of Copenhagen. Magnificent beach side riding for most of it. 33deg C and the beaches were packed with people and the foreshore packed with parked bikes.

It was so good to be able to just ride and ride without having to check maps.

Uneventful ferry ride to Sweden

Took ages to get out of Helsingborg, but did have the help of a Bike route map, which lead me up one way streets the wrong way, over lots of parve and through the middle of someone's wedding.

Camp site at Angelsholm cost US$20.

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