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Journal for 14-06-2007 : Visby

Ferry got in at 12:15am. It was as close to darkness as it gets at this time of year here. A faint glow could be seen to the north, and there was enough twilight in the sky to ensure no stars were visible, just Venus.

Visby extraordinarily pretty at night, thanks to orangy street lighting.

Found the bike track north out of town, eventually. It's start was obliterated by new construction work.

Picked up a bit of speed with the tailwind behind me, then very nearly crashed as the bitumen suddenly turned into loose sandy gravel. Back on the road i cycled past the campground (I'm running out of Swedish currency, and Swedish campgrounds are a ripoff at the best of times) and found a slightly sheltered, slightly obscured from the road and bike track, spot to "camp". I lay my bike down flat, my groundsheet over the rocky, pebbly beach and the tarp over all of us and grabbed a few hours sleep.

After cooking a nice hot breakfast on the beach, I packed up and rolled into town. Tried to call home, but the phone ate my coins. Found another phone, and for $2 got to speak to Linda for 20 seconds :-(.

Did some shopping and did a tour around Visby's wall. Visby has an "old city" centre guarded by a 3m high stone wall. Quite pretty I suppose, but really an overblown tourist trap for mine.

I bought my ferry ticket to Stockholm. Discovered all the $$$s on my phone already gone.

Spent some time at the internet café, discovered that on Friday, the day I was planning to travel to Finland, all the prices are doubled. Also got the news on how anal the Swedes are about bikes on trains. I really hope I don't have to ride the 60ks from the ferry port into Stockholm city. I shouldn't have to, but then I've only got the English language version of their web site to go on.

Checked into the campground. AUD30. I kind of expected a bit of ripoff pricing, but even though it looked ok from the outside, it turned out to be a weedy unmaintained dump.

It was another AUD10 to use the washing machine, which I passed on because I wouldn't have enough money for train fare if I spent that much. Spent the afternoon hand washing my dirty socks and cycling clothes.

Had a snooze, and while I was out of it, the sun came out and brightened things up. As I was waking I was wondering where I was and why I was there. I've since worked out where I am.

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