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Journal for 24-06-2007 : Sodankyla

Cooked the very last of my food for breakfast, packed up camp and cycled into town to wait for the supermarket to open at noon. When it finally did, I bought so much food it wouldn't all fit in my food pannier. Rolled down to the local park to eat as much of it as I could.

Yesterday had been nice and calm, but today things were back to normal: a blustery northerly headwind.

A mostly flat and basically pretty uninteresting ride to Sodankyla, but I was thankful for all the trees to take the edge off the wind.

Felt awful after my first break. Not sure why, but rode through it and 10ks later felt OK again.

Second break cut very short by swarms of mosquitoes.

Sodankyla a much bigger town than I expected. So much for nothing north of Kemijarvi.

Campground lady promised me cold and rain for tomorrow.

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