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Journal for 8-07-2007 : Goulburn

Flight from Singapore got in barely 5 min late. Not too much trouble getting through immigration, but they still make you feel like they are doing you a big favour allowing us to return home.

And one advantage of tight connections is my bike and bag gets loaded last and taken off first. So no waiting around for it.

Cleared customs and mostly re-assembled the bike near the taxi rank.

Train to Campbelltown. Go to take my putrid shoes off. They smelt too bad to do it on the plane. I bought some breakfast, then finished putting my bike back together and re-organising my luggage.

Train to Mittagong OK, but I got chased out of town again, this time by an anal shopping centre security guard clearly frustrated he failed this parking inspector exams. He didn't chase me out of the centre, he chased me right out of the parking lot.

Rain and wind and cold started as I crossed the top of Governor's hill and descended into Goulburn.

Home at last!

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