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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 5-Feb-2002 : Sydney
Date: 05/02/2002 (Location=Sydney, Dist=0km, Total=1km)

22 Hours to go
Oh goodness me, less thann a day to go, and I'm hanging for some sleep. (Got to bed last night at ~1am after finishing off everything needed for work - then was woken up at 6am as Linda left early to finish off her work.

Still a bucket load of things to do, given we havn't even started packing. What am I wasting time with this diary for?

Book the flights
Buy buggage bags for flight
Collect Linda's Passport

New bike chains and clusters

New tyres
New inner tubes
Replace used spares inventory.
New bike knicks for Linda
New bike knicks for David
New cycling jersey for David
New cycling shirt for Linda
New shoes for David
New shoes for Linda

Get bike boxes for the flight

Organise transport to airport
Book the first nights accomodation in Christchurch
Work out a route we can complete without missing the return flight
Buy a new phone card
Find the alarm clock

Remember where that special spot is we put the alrm clock so we wouldn't
lose it again.

Clean the panniers. (Cancelled)
Clean the water bags
Clean sleeping bags
Clean the gound sheets
Do my BAS (thats GST statement for non Australian Business
Re-do my BAS correctly.

Disassemble and box the bikes (Night before we leave)
T R A I N ! ! ! ! (lost cause now - raining today &
forcast rain for tomorrow)
P A C K (Current Status: 0% complete)

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