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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 7-Feb-2002 : Christchurch
Date: 07/02/2002 (Location=Christchurch, Dist=13km, Total=14km)

Got to Christchurch at Midnight, got to bed at 1:00am and got to sleep at 2:30am.

Thus far New Zealand has seemed like a dream, great urban roads, friendly people etc. Everything Australian's like to think Australia is like (but isn;t really this good). Either that or I'm still (half) asleep and it really is a dream.

Up bright and early at 9:30am, and snapped the bikes back together by 2. A quick trip to the supermarket and the shops, the AA centre (Automobile Association - what did you think?), the bike shop and we've got everything we need and then some - spread all over our motel room. Now where are my underpants again?

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