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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 16-Feb-2002 : Haast
Date: 16/02/2002 (Location=Haast, Dist=121km, Total=598km)
Another magnificent sunny day. This can't be the west coast of New Zealand. Mt Tasman and Mt Cook shrouded in cloud, so things arn't quite perfect, but I'm glad the clouds were up there rather than overhead.

Great riding through lush ferny rainforrest till reaching the coast at Bruce Bay. Fabulous (if not exactly white) beach with driftwood and brilliant views up and down the coast.

The pets of the prioprietors of the Lake Parinag cafe put on quite a show. A part sheep dog and their kitten had great fun wrestling and chasing each other. The cat got sick of it and climbed to the top of something like a tall pandanus tree. It was quite entertaining watching it's rather inept attemptes at climbing back down.

Only about 20 other cycle tourists spotted today. I'm not bothering to count anymore, there are (many) more pedal cyclists than motor cyclists.

More great rainforrest riding and great views past Lake Moeraki. Quite tired by the time we climbed the three hills at Knights Point, but rewarded with fantastic views as the road hugged the clifftops. The last 10ks a bit tough with the wind off the Tasman Sea, and rather happy to get a backpackers room (ie unmaintained) at the Pub.

Does this seem dull? There is only so many ways of saying the scenery is brilliant and the weather (touch wood) fine!

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