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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 15-Feb-2002 : Fox Glacier
Date: 15/02/2002 (Location=Fox Glacier, Dist=45km, Total=477km)
Another magnificent sunny day. Have I said that before? Are we really in New Zealand?

Broke camp and about climbing the minor hills en-route to Fox Glacier. More hills, more fantastic views of valleys, rivers and mountains. 7x24 incredible scenery. Descents not too steep and qiote a lot of twisting fun.

Lunch at the Bar & Grill (burger$) took ages to turn up. Nice though.

Set up camp next to the automatic alrm clock centre (helipad - where the tours run 8am-6pm non stop), occasionally having duck the low flying kamokarsi coppers. Rode out to Fox Glacier on an excellent dirt road (without our panniers, yes !!). Nice walk up to the glacier terminus, and we had fun watching the iceburgs chip off the glacier then thunder down the rapids toward the ocean.

Rode down to Lake Matherson where there are ledgedary views of Mt Cook reflected in a tannin stained lake. The shot from here is used in all the butter TV commercials. Mt Cook in cloud and a touch of breeze ment we couldn't see anything, but nice reminent rainforrest to walk through.

At the camp ground tonight there are ony 17 cyclists (not counting the 4 motor cyclists) spending the night. We were delighted to discover two of them are Mick & Chris, who we last met on the road 6 months ago in Australia's Northern Territory between Katherine and Pine Creek. These guys have 10 months left on their 3 year around the world trek. Once they've knocked off New Zealand they only have to cycle across America. Keep going guys !!

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