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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 18-Feb-2002 : Wanaka
Date: 18/02/2002 (Location=Wanaka, Dist=72km, Total=745km)
Light rains falling as we packed up the camp. Sand flies even more determined to get in our tent.

Stopped at all the litle walking tracks in the Mt Aspiring NP as we slowly made our way to Makarora. Blue pools quite clear and very blue, with a bouncy, wobbly suspension bridge to access them.

At Makarora we met a German Couple with bicycles waiting for the bus (chicken!) and a friendly Canadian with whom we compared pass notes. This was his third trip to NZ, but "this time I brought my wife, not my bike."
I brought both.

Great fun riding the windy road around the edge of Lake Wanaka. Scenery incredible, even without the sun, blue sky, or much snow on the uncountable backdrop mountains. The road by Lake Hawea not quite so much fun. As it has recently been rebuilt to assist NZ's attempts to host the Winter Olympics by incorporating ski jumps.

Both of us nice and tired when we reached Wanaka, and I for one plan on doing as little as possible for a day or two.

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