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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 19-Feb-2002 : Wanaka
Date: 19/02/2002 (Location=Wanaka, Dist=0km, Total=745km)
Sat on our bottams doing as little as posible today. Very enjoyable.

I should give something a town description of Wanaka. I've resisted the temptation to describe a New Zealand town as don't really want to take the piss out of the place while I'm a guest here. But today, someone good naturedly reminded me of some recent cricket results (3 rain interupted draws ment Australia didn't thrash New Zealand 3 nill as usual, and New Zealand threw some matches against St Africa so they wouldn't have to lose to Australia again - but as they didn't get thrashed - again - they think
this is like winning). Australia might not always win the cricket, but we *never* lose the sledging.

Wanaka is often described as a "low key version of Queenstown". This is a bit like describing somewhere as a "low key version of Las Vegas". As tourists towns go this is as bright and as colourful as they come, with the possible exception of Queenstown. Unlike most NZ towns, there are more internet terminals and backpacker beds than sheep. Also, there is construction everywhere, as this once sleepy holiday spot expands to cope with the steady increase in international visitors. Like everywhere in New Z
ealand it is extraordinarily beautiful, perched onthe edge of a huge crystal clear glacial lake, surrounded by towering mountain ranges that could only be improved upon visually by a dusting of snow on the peaks. Aparently we're here during the ugliest three months of the year. The most impressive thing about Wanaker is unlike most tourist towns, there is no real off season. It's as popular here in summer and autumn as it is during the lengthy New Zealand Ski season.

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