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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 28-Feb-2002 : Ta Anau
Date: 28/02/2002 (Location=Ta Anau, Dist=0km, Total=1037km)
It rained heavily all night. Even the hut warden was impressed by the amount of rain that fell overnight. There was water everywhere !!! The valley we were camped in was illuminated by all the freshly flowing waterfalls, enough to drown out the noise of the rain.

Packed up camp in the wet. Yuk. Linda managed to put her arm through one of the holes in her loose fitting woolen jumper (which is a none too sublte hint for those who know the significane of St Patrick's Day).

Walked for hours in the rain through nice beech forrests with fantastic close up views of the very swollen Irus Burn River (is that a tortollogy?). This well constructed track consistes of hundred of short wooden bridges that the mirriad of gushing water courses pass under, and sometimes over, as they flow towards Manapouri lake.

A forced march was required from Manapouri Hut to the 3:00pm bus pickup.

Right on que, the rain stopped and the sun came out - not necessarily in that order - as we reached the bus stop, with sore and rather wet legs and feet.

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