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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 1-Mar-2002 : Christchurch
Date: 01/03/2002 (Location=Christchurch, Dist=1km, Total=1038km)
Left early to go to the bus stop.

The driver was very friendly, but unimpressed we were able to book on our bikes. Apparently, they are no longer supposed to carry bikes from Te Anau, or Invercargill for that matter. The cancellation of the trains south of Christchurch mean bus numbers have doubled. To cope with the extra demand, a new double decker bus has been added to the run. It can hold 67 passengers, and luggage for 35 of them. As it happened, this bus was doing the southbound run, and the driver switched coaches to take our bike
s. Of course the booking agents either don't know or don't divulge this information, preferring to take the money first and then leave it to the bus driver to tell the would be passengers they can't use their ticket. So I think we were extremely lucky to not be stuck in Te Anau.

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